termite200Living in Georgia, it is not a matter of IF you will get them but WHEN. This is why is important to have your home protected by a company you can trust.  And you can trust Shane’s Pest Solutions!

Allow Shane’s Pest Solutions to provide you with peace of mind, knowing your greatest investment is protected by our Retreat and Repair Guarantee. We offer both comprehensive liquid treatments and bait system installations. Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation evaluation.

Homeowners may think termite control services are expensive, until they review how long the treatment is effective or talk with a contractor about the cost to repair termite damage. Prevention can be much more cost effective than repairs when considering the following statistics:

  • Each year, 600,000 homeowners in the U.S. report termite damage to their homes.
  • Termites are responsible for approximately $750 million worth of property damage (not counting treatment costs) in the U.S. each year.
  • Native species of subterranean termites (excluding non-native Formosan termites) cost U.S. residents an estimated $2 billion in control and repair costs annually.

Shane’s Pest Solutions also offers inspections and termite letters for your home closing paperwork.  Call us today!