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Think you have a rodent problem?

Shane’s Pest Solutions can help!

While they may not always seem to pose an imminent threat, rodents are far from warm and fuzzy critters, especially when they take up residence in your home. The most common types of rodents can include anything from mice and rats including norway rats or brown rats, to other types of animals such as gophers, raccoons, squirrels, and more.

Unfortunately, rodents not only have the potential to bring harmful diseases and bacteria into your home, but can also create problems like biting holes in your walls that make room for other forms of damage to take place, such as house fires, rainwater leakage, mold, among others, and force you to make repairs.

Reliable Rodent Control in Georgia

At Shane’s Pest Solutions, we aim to keep your home and family protected from such unwanted guests, as rodents can track fleas, bacteria, and other hazards along with them. We are committed to providing the most high-quality rodent pest control and rodent removal services in the surrounding Atlanta areas for Atlanta homes and beyond.

Rodent Control

Whether you’ve noticed a house mouse lurking around or a family of rats, making Shane’s Pest Solutions your first call when you have a rodent problem means you’ll receive a thorough inspection of your property so that we can best assess your home for the appropriate rodent control services you’ll need. Our professional exterminators can provide expert techniques to provide the best rodent removal and rodent control in the Atlanta, Georgia area that will grant you the peace of mind you need.

Need rat removal, squirrel control, or help with other rodent infestations in your home? We’re here to help! Our highly-trained pest control professionals at Shane’s Pest Solutions will provide the most effective solutions to make sure you feel safe in your home again. 

Contact us today to get a free quote and discuss your rodent problem.

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